Burnt DVD's won't play on standalone Sony DVD player



My burnt DVD’s play great using the PC burner, but won’t play on my standalone sony DVD. Sony just says no disc. I used DVD shrink with default settings and -R 4x Princo media.

The sony standalone played the original just fine.

Did I do anything wrong? Could someone help me to overcome this problem or is it simply that the Sony player won’t ever read this type of media no matter what?



I dont think that it is the setting with DVD Shrink, I think the problem is ur dvd player. How old is ur stand alone dvd player? Sony is one of many company that doest want their costumers to make copys of dvd so some of there dvd players would refuse to play it.

Try ur dvd-r (backup) at some friends dvd player (test on different dvd players). If ur firends dvd player is able to play it then its ur dvd players problem.


Yeah, I don’t think Sony likes the DVD-R format at all. I got no problem playing DVD+R on multiple Sony decks. The oldest is Sony S530D. Time for a change man. IMO and testing, contrary to what sites have reported, I found DVD+R to be more compatible. My FujiFilm 2.4x DVD+R works on a Pioneer DVR-104 under Mac OS X. If that’s not maximum compatibility, I don’t know what is. Besides, you can use bitsetting to change DVD+R to DVD-ROM. Can’t do that w/ DVD-R.

Which DVD writer are you using?


Thank you both Stoner and BabyChar but I’ve resolved the problem and it wasn’t the Sony player at fault… but me! The DVD’s wouldn’t play on my friends new player either and that’s what got me to thinking there’s more to this.

The drive is a LiteOn SOHW812s which I hope to flash using the 832 files so I can use it for DL burning.

Question: Do either of you, or anyone else, know of any physical differences between the 812 and 832 models? I’m guessing the price difference is due to the included software, Nero 6, in the later model? Yes, yes I’ll post this question in the correct forum, but while we’re here.

I had no real understanding of the software I was using and this was my first attempt at burning DVD’s. I followed the 37 steps at the forum.dvddecrypter.com Guides section titled ‘DVD-9 > DVD±R’ and voila` the copies are perfect! It even cut out the damaged areas of the original DVD’s leaving the whole segment in tact! This is what I was hoping would happen. I now have my movies back and they’re in better shape. :stuck_out_tongue:


Burn the discs with -rom as the booktype, even the most evil of dvd players may like it.


i have the same problem … my dav-c770 won’t play if i burn from dw800 … the rest dvd players at home run fine …

i can play my dvd if i burn with my vaio frv28 (matshita uj 810) …

both using -r disc …

so, to solve this … i have to change to +r on my dw800 ??



Ive got the sony DVP-NS730P stand alone dvd player and got pioneer A08 dvd burner. Got 106D as well. Ive never had a prob playing my dvd movie backups on it. + and -. It even plays dvd-DL disks


yeah some players do not play copies i have a sony DVP-S9000ES dvd player that i got a while ago. the ES line is sonys best stuff when i get the dvd player it was $999.99 and its only a single disk and dont play any copies even cdrs so that kinda sucks i payed that much and cant use it for copies. but most dvd players now like 9 out of 10 of them do play most everything. i plan on getting the new model of the ES one i got soon.


Sweet i just found out my dvd player will indeed play copies. on ly som but some none the less. cd rw works better and some brands work better than others and they seem to work more when they r recorded at a slower speed. all i have tried so far were some vcd’s and they worked some were a lil choppie maby cause they were made at fast speed and this player is pickey, the vcd’s play fine on the dvd player in my car though. i also searched around and am told dvd-r and rw will work. i was told some of the sonys r just pickey as they wernt intended to play copies,and it also does not mention that it plays cd-r or rw. so im glad i found this out, so if u have a player that woulnt play copies tri different media of a high quality and burn at a lower speed u may have some luck as i did.


There should be a worldwide boycott of all Sony products until they get up front and honest with consumers. I’ve been burning cd’s and dvd’s for years and their products are the only ones to give me trouble. The reason is simple-
They are making products such as their DVD players and blank cd;s that will not allow a person to make a back up copy of anything. They are so worried about piracy that they are breaking the law by selling products that don’t work.
For a year or so, until they were caught, they were selling blank cd’s that would leave a small virus on your computer and it was nearly impossible to remove.
This bug would stay on your hard drive to mess up any music you tried putting on any blank cds. They were caught with this on the cds and removed it. In the meantime many people, like me, had spent alot of money on useless blanks. When you tried playing a cd that you burned. it was all garbled. And that was what they wanted. I had a full, big stack of their blanks and not one of them would work.

Somehow, these blanks could tell if the recorded material was from a legit source, like a store bought cd or dvd. All others would not play. Great, so, when I tried to burn some copies of homemade music and homemade music, I got garbage.

All other blanks from other companies worked fine.

Now, I also made the mistake of buying a Sony DVD player-DON’T!
Not if you plan on playing anything other then store bought cds or dvd movies. You can’t play burned dvds. They have anti piracy ssoftware built in and it’s been nothing but a huge waste of time and money for me. I can’t make an extra backup copy of a movie or game and play it with this player.
So, today, I went down to Walmart and got a new player for only $29.00!
It’s a Maganavox, which are usually junk, but the reviews are good on this one and if it lasts a year, I’m ahead. When people like Sony, sell a machine that is supposed to play any dvd or cd, and it won’t play a burned or copied dvd, then that’s a lie and is illegal.
They stopped the blank cd ripoff, but are still making the players that won’t play the copies. Boycott them! Lets show them that they may be the biggest, but there is other companies that make just as good, if not better, players.


Some players are compatible with -r or +r media but not both. Users should check player compatibility and use the appropriate -r or +r media to make copies. I have a Toshiba player that’s compatible with -r and will not play copies made on +r media with one exception, i.e. set book type to -ROM for +r media which will play on the Toshiba designed to use only -r media…


We had one like this too. Toshiba was the annoying, prime enforcer of the “not invented here” attitude when it came to DVD±R. But I doubt there are many standalone players still in service that have this problem.


NEVER had problems with both, -R and +R

Even old 2004-made Cyberhome and Cybercom works with it, not bitsetting needed.

Since some years I use BD-players from LG and Philips, works also great with every WORM-media


Not surprising. Toshiba was the prime offender here. Not that their players had any hardware limitation which would have prevented them from playing DVD+R discs, it’s just that they were specifically programmed to reject them.

Similar thing with Sony/Panasonic wrt DVD-A and SACD if I remember correctly. “Not invented here”.


Toshiba was the cheapest well known brand I could buy in the time I decided for LG. I´ve read some not good things about Toshiba, so I don´t tried em.

Bad, in the early 2000s Toshibas CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs were great in many things

Panasonic had also a big disadvantage, it don´t read USB-drives with NTFS. I think they maybe have fix this issue now, but atm I don´t have a need for a new player


…stupid and mindless ranting without knowledge about anything.

Go fishing, dude.


The problem is sony dvd players as well as their game systems like ps4 ,wont play some burnt dvd’s.
Mine wouldn’t play even home videos I burnt to dvd’s. I just transfer them to thumb drives and play them on
the usb connection? Much easier? , and solves the problem.:slightly_smiling_face: