Burnt dvd's won't play on DVD player

I recently burned some DVD’s (Back up some movies). They seem to of burned fine. I used “DVD Pro” ripper and I have a I/O Magic burner. The movies play great on the Computer, but when loaded in my new Dvd player (Hitachi) or my Xbox, it either spits it out or blinks like its trying to read it, but never loads. I used TDK dvd-r disks. I was told these are decent disks. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Is there a trick to making these things read? I assume my new DVD player reads RW and R’s, its an expensive player. Can’t figure why it works on the comp only. HELP!!! Thanks in advance!!

try different media, i haven’t come across any players that will read r/w, -r is the go, i use el-cheapo generic and they work fine but my players are cheap (Au $50) chinese jobs, my experience is the expensive “name” brands are full of protection and features designed to prevent backups playing, try a friends golden happy dragon brand player and don’t be surprised if your backups work

I use Clonedvd and princo’s or ultran and had no problem’s with -r/w or -r they play on both my dvd players (1 is a sony the other is a cheap brand) they also play on playstation 2 and xbox.I use a pioneer burner but i don’t think your burner is the problem,but then again i don’t know much about your burner.But i would try some cheap dvd disc’s or maybe some ritek’s they seem to have a good reputation.

Thanks for the quick responses from both of you! I will play with the thing on my days off and see if I can make it work. Is the “Shrink” program better than DVD Pro program ripper that I have? I see alot of people referring to “Shrink” . Thanks again!

Correction on the program, it is “DVD Wizard Pro”. Thanks for any input