Burn't DVD's won't play in a Blu Ray player, will play on any DVD player



I have a Sony BDV-T11 Blu Ray player and it will not play any burnt DVD’s. I have tried +R and -R. The DVD’s always play on other dvd players, and this Blu Ray player plays official DVD’s, just won’t play my burnt DVD’s.

Any ideas?


Welcome to the forums gfordham.

What brand of dvds are you using? We recommend older style Verbatim AZO dye dvds and Taiyo Yuden, and Sony as a possible substitute when those two are not available.

What speed are you burning? Sometimes just slowing down the speed to 8x or 12x when using 16x media will solve this.

What process are you using to get the dvd video? Are you working from commercial dvds as your source or are these home made videos?

What is the make and model burner you are using? Do you bitset the +R disks? Bitsetting (also called changing book type) can sometimes help compatibility for burned +R disks. It isn’t applicable to -R disks.