Burnt DVD's keep freezing


For the past month I am having a problem… that Burnt DVD’s keep freezing. I am using the same blank media that I used for the past 5 years so I am sure that the media is not the problem. The media I use is Maxell DVD-r and to make sure I tried 10 Verbatim DVD-r but still I got the problem.

Then I bought a new DVD-writer but still the same problem.

Then I removed many files and programs from the hardrive and I made a disk defragment and the same problem.

I scanned for virus and the same problem.

Please is there any help?

What burning program do you use? What burn speed? If they are freezing in a stand alone player, what make/model how old? Do the disks play O.K. in your PC?

>>>>What burning program do you use?

I use DVDfab and ImgBurn.

>>>>What burn speed?

I used to burn at 4X for many years without any problem but now I tried all speeds.

>>>>If they are freezing in a stand alone player

Yes they are freezing in a standalone player ‘QONIX DVD-3900’. But if I play other dvds that are burned on a different computer they don’t freeze.

>>>>Do the disks play O.K. in your PC?


And I want to make myself more clear… the dvds skips and pixelation freezing.

It’s more than likely it’s the media. Maxell has probably had over 10 different manufactures in the last 5 years, so they are not the same as the ones you bought 5 years ago. Verbatim LIFE SERIES DVDs are crap. Look for the ones that say AZO on the label and try those. Burn at 8X to 12X and you probably won’t have any more problems. Also TY media 8X from Rima.com is great media.

Hi G_Ivan,

Yes I was thinking the same that it could be the media but when I burn in another computer with the same media ‘Maxell’ it plays well without any trouble.

Does it make sense?

I just checked and the Verbatim dvd-r that I used, they are AZO.

Some burners work better with different media, your new burner may not like the Maxell.

Have you tried the verbatim or taiyo yuden brand ?
Burn at half the rated speed to start with.

My new burner is ‘Asus DRW-22B3S’ and no I didn’t try Verbatim with it yet. Tomorrow I get spindle of 10 Verbatim DVD-r and I try it.

I just borrowed 2 Verbatim discs and still with the same problem. I burned one at 8X and the other 12X.

Maybe your stand alone player needs the laser cleaned.

Yes I already cleaned it. But to remind you is that other dvds burned on other’s computer, they play well in the stand alone player. Only the once that I burn with my computer, don’t play well in the stand alone player.

O.K. Do you have anything like Nero Disk Speed? If not you can download a copy here, http://fileforum.betanews.com/download/Nero-DiscSpeed/993604508/1, it’s freeware. Try a transfer rate test on the burned DVD and see what the graph looks like.

ok on the way

Benchmark the transfer rate.

This one is Verbatim

This one is Maxell

and now what?