Burnt DVD's, blank DVD brand and playback machine issues

Ok I’m going to try to give you as much info as possible so please bear with me.

I’m ripping DVD’s with DVD Decrypter and then compressing them and burning them with DVD Shrink and the Nero plug-in.

Up until last week I was using Fuji brand DVD-R blank DVD’s. They would not play on my Toshiba DVD player at all but would play on my Playstation 2 just fine.

Last week I bought a pack of Memorex DVD-R’s and these are giving me problems. They play on my Playstation 2 and my Toshiba DVD player but they are extremely buggy. They could play for 5 minutes or 20 but at some point they start skipping, the picture starts exhibiting pixilation and will eventually start jumping all over the disk. If I stop the machine and begin playback again it will play for a while but over time I think the laser begins getting more and more off track.

So, my questions are these.

  1. If I slow down the burn speed do you think I will get a better quality DVD with less playback problems?

  2. Do you think I should just switch back to Fuji and not frustrate my self anymore with this?

  3. I would much rather playback on my Toshiba since the colors are better and the sound is louder than playback on my Playstation, does anyone know of a blank DVD brand that works with the software I’m using and a Toshiba DVD player.

Thanks in advance and when I get home from work I’ll post the exact model number of my Toshiba.

Which burner are you using? i have a Toshiba also and it’s very picky with DVD+R. They are fine with with -R. When I set my +R’s to -ROM, I haven’t had a problem yet. They play great.

The burner is a Pioneer, it came in my Sony Vaio computer. Again, I can give you the exact model when I get hom in a few hours.

What do you mean “When I set my +R’s to -ROM”? I dont get that… :confused:

He means the booktype, if you are using -R that doesn’t apply to you. Anyways, I would keep trying media until you find something that works in both. I’d suggest Ritek or Taiyo Yuden, the latter being better but more expensive.