Burnt DVDs are rolling on the screen

Hi guys, im haveing problems with a couple dvds i made, the problem is that they are rolling on the screen. Im only haveing the problem wiht 2 movies, both are moveis that i downloaded, one was the royal rumble of 89 and the other was worlds fastest bikes, they play perfectly on the computer, when i burn them using either dvd shrink or nero they roll on the screen. they will not play in other dvd players either. oh the other thing, when i downloaded, i downloaded them in dvd format already so i did not to any converting. any ideas whats wrong ???

Chances are all of your hardware, software, and disks are just fine. The problem is in the file you are trying to burn. I had this same problem with burned dvds working fine in the pc but rolling in b/w on the home dvd player. I discovered that the files I was burning were in the wrong color encoding system. Worldwide there are 3 color encoding systems NTSC, PAL, and SECAM. Computer dvd decoding software is for the most part universal (will play all three). However, home dvd players usually only play one type. For example, if you try to play a PAL disk in a NTSC player this is exactly what you get, rolling black and white. Most movie downloads/torrents tell you in the title which system they are encoded with so find out what type your player is and download only files/torrents with that encoding. As for the files you already have, either redownload in the right encoding or look into converting.

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