Burnt dvd wont play on home computer

i am new to this why wont my burnt dvd play on home dvd player or xbox.It plays fine on my pc.WHAT AM I DOING WRONG

you’ll have to post what kinda media you’re using,your burner type and even maybe your type of home dvd player you have for someone to figure it out.

i have lg 16x super multi dvd/cd rewriter.Tri-dvd formats dvd±r/rw dvd-ram.My home dvd player is GO VIDEO home theatre system


What media are you burning that does not work on your standalone?


my guess is that the Go Video Player doesn’t like + media.I look’t and saw that the super multi doesn’t bit-set.Go here and see that the Go video players don’t play dvd + r’s at all.

dvd+r dvd+r dl

yeah I bet your Go Video dvd player won’t except your + media.Go to that link I mentioned and find your model player and see.

my player is dht 7100 they have 7000 my media is dvd-r sorry i said they were +r

they dont have it listed but i think my player just wont play them.I also tried dvd+r dl and it wont worh either

WHAT BRAND IS IT??? Sorry to shout but that is what these guys have been trying to get at here. You can’t just pick up an cheap POS and have it work. Media manufacturers varry alot in quality so that makes a huge difference in the playback ability of the disc.

give us the brand of media you have so we can make sure.My older brother has one of those go video players and it only plays dvd’s from the stores.

memorex dvd-r and dvd+r dl verbatim.SORRY ABOUT THAT GUYS

.i checked my dvd player go video dht 7100 and it says it just plays dvds,cdrw.Whats the best media to buy

prov1xx,I’m guessin that your problem is definately your dvd player.I can’t find any such reviews or anything else online about it.If you wanna try some decent media out I’ll mention some good - media.Maxell dvd-r,verbatim dvd-r,sony dvd-r and also,that verbatim DL media you are using,make sure that you burn it at the slowest possible speed(2.4x) for best results.I personally would get another player.A decent one that plays just about all media can be had for $60 in sunday sale papers if your here in the states(JVC etc…).Search that link I posted earlier and match the media you use for the best dvd players out there so you don’t waste your money.

thanks very much for ur time and info it helped me out a lot


your welcome