Burnt DVD-R questions

Alright, so I’m pretty new at this. I gotta couple o questions…
I am burning (legal) downloads of DVD movies to DVD-R discs, they are TDK brand, using Nero 7. The burns work great and both the file on my computer play fine as well as the burnt disc in my computer’s DVD drive. But when I play the discs in my home DVD players (a Toshiba and Samsung) the discs start to skip about 45 minutes into the movie (the time varies some). Once it starts skipping, it gets worse and worse and there is no recovering from it. The Samsung, which is brand new, eventually freezes completely and I can do nothing with it, can’t open it, can’t turn it off… I have to unplug it.
So I have read on other posts here that the sticky paper labels attached are BAD. I was using those and the disc seems to play better if I removed them from a movie that was skipping and tried it again. But some of the movies play fine in the Samsung once the label is off, but still skip in the Toshiba. And others still skip in both players, but not until later in the movie.
What gives? where is my problem here? Is it cheap discs or did something screw up in the burn process? Any / all assistance will be appreciated, but don’t ask me too technical of questions cause I may not have a clue what u’r talking about.


Hi 99BOOM3R, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

Paper labels are evil, even more so on DVDs than on CDs. So avoid them like the plague.
More information in this thread: Sticky paper labels on DVD+/-R discs: beware!

DVD players are different in how picky they are with DVD media, and it sounds like your Toshiba is the pickier drive. For this reason it’s possible for a DVD to play fine in one player but skip/freeze in another player.

There are two things you should try:

Burn at a reasonable speed, not the maximum speed of your DVD burner.
A burning speed of 8x is usually a safe choice for most burners and DVD media.

Get some other (better) DVD media, such as e.g. Verbatim (available in lots of places) or Taiyo Yuden (only available from online shops).