Burnt DVD plays on PC, not on standalone player

hi everyone

i just burned a film from my computer onto a dvd. i can watch that movie on my pc (from the just burned dvd) but i cannot watch the dvd on my dvd player. i have no idea what i did wrong.
please help me

(sorry if my english is not very good… :rolleyes: )

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Many standalone dvd players are very picky about media.

What media do you use? Many old standalones read only -R (dash) media. What burner do you have?

There are also other factors. Did u just drag and drop it on to ur dvd or is it in a regular dvd fromat? Sometimes just draging and dropping clips might be able to be played by a stand alone dvd player but that clip must be a one the the dvd player can read such as mpeg, wave and so on. The one some cant read includes divx,rm and others.

Check your dvd player here to see what it is compatable with.


How did you author the DVD?
PC players will play mpg, vob files etc… even when not properly authored and some standalone will too (without the menus of course) like my Philips DVD-642 but many others won’t.

For DVD I tend to turn them all to vobs before burning them so i can have a better chance that it would read it.
As geno888 have mentioned, some dvd players can be very picky of their discs but in the case of authoring, it depends on the sand alone dvd player itself. Determing how it was programed, some might be able to play just with a clip on the CD/DVD. On the other hand some are programed to be strict with the structure. Personally, i cant rell by just reading the box, i would have to play with it a little to know.

the clip is a mpg. and it is true that my dvd player cannot read +r dvd’s. now i tried it with a -rw disc and it also doesn’t work.

i’m sorry, i don’t know what dragging and droping means g

and thank you for your replies :wink:

Take a look HERE. Search your standalone model and see if have compatibility problems with burned media.