Burnt dvd plays in one player, freezes in another

anyone have this problem with some of their burnt dvds? got some movies from a friend who used dvdshrink and they play beautifully in one player and some freeze only a bit or a lot in another. is it a laser problem and/or does the other player need cleaning of some kind? how does one do that? thanks.

Hi. Its got more to do with the media quality, type of burner used and write speed. Some standalone players are more picky. If you want a definite answer u can scan those disks in Nero CD-DVD speed and see what quality score it will give you. Anything above 90 is decent.

If your burn quality is good then it probably has to do with picky stand alone players or disc type. Try burning on +R media and change the book type or bitsetting to DVD-ROM if your burner supports the feature.

I’ve had it happen before. Some players respond better for me when I use Verbatim DVD-R instead of DVD+R Book Typed, for instance. The only brand I can get consistently to work on all the DVD players I have seems to be Verbatim, and I get best results on my 1620 over my 1640.

I use DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink as well, but have found the best results, regardless of program, is to output to a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive and use Nero 6 to burn a DVD Video. I have all the settings to the strictest ISO compliance - 8.3, no level 2 stuff, no naming restrictions loosened, and I disable caching on the appropriate tabs.

If I do that with Verbatim DVD-R’s, I usually get a movie that plays back on about every player I try.

You may want to try different media, try an 8x burn speed instead of 16x, or even 4x instead. TDK might work better for you, or Memorex, Fuji, etc. It can depend on a lot of factors, it appears. I bought different types in small quantities until I found the match that worked best for me. A little bit of cost and time, but eventually I came out ok.

Best of luck.