Burnt DVD from (legally) downloaded movie won't play

To introduce myself, my name is Bruce and I live in the UK. I have joined here in the search for knowledge as to why what seems like it should be a relatively straightforward operation won’t work on my [expletive deleted] set up!

Ok, so I know it’s almost certainly operator error, but I’m hoping someone wise and kind will enlighten me as to what I’m doing wrong…

I am trying to do the following:

Download a copy of a film from the web, get it on to my pc and then transfer it to dvd for viewing on my tv.

That sounds fairly straightforward - of course life “ain’t like that” and I do have some ‘quirks’ in the process.

First, however, let me tell you what equipment I have in the loop - in case someone else has tried this exact same set up (unlikely, but it’s a big world) and can short-cut the discussion:
Crystal PC (UK assembler of pcs) running XP Home, unfortunately currently without a dvd burner.
DVD Burner on another Crystal pc, running Windows 98.
Windows 98 machine running CDBurnerXP Pro 3
The burner is a Sony IDE model that I bought separately and installed on to the Win 98 system - I don’t have the model number but I might be able to find it if required.
Toshiba multi-region dvd player (SD 220-E)
The media I’m using are JVC DVD-R single-sided 1-8x speed.

What I tried is as follows:
I found the files (according to the readme file “Ive converted this into DVD format so all you newbies who want it all on a plate, now have it. Simply burn the contents of the VIDEO_TS as you would normally burn a DVD.”) and did just that.

However when I loaded the dvd into my player, I get “Disc Error” shown on the display panel.

I’ve checked the SD220-E spec and it says that it will play DVD-R, and as far as I can see, the files present are what the player would expect:

I say “what the player would expect” as I played another dvd and then looked at its directory structure using Windows explorer - it has similar filenames and no directory structure.

Does anyone have any ideas why I might not be having any luck? If I’ve missed out a vital piece of information of course, I’d be only too happy to post a follow-up.

Sorry it’s a long post - all feedback gratefully received.

It doesn’t happen often, but it appeared I jumped the gun on this one.

I am sorry to have closed this earlier, but BeeBee has convinced me this is a legal download. For all those interested, check out this site:

Thread reopened and my apologies for jumping the gun on you.


Maybe a media problem, trying to reburn with another media brand.

Have you checked if the movie is correctly authored? If you are able to read the movie from your HD with a player like powerdvd, then probably the cause is a bad media or a bad burn.

If movie reading fails also from HD, in my opinion the movie is badly authored.

Here is a link to your player and a list of media used on it from videohelp.com.


Also a lot of dvd players will give a disk error if the files do not match up exactly with the inoformation in the video_ts.ifo.

A couple of things. Liteons (some of the earlier models anyway) are good burners but can be a little picky with media. Second, assuming the jvc media you have is the same as the made in china stuff they sell at my work (see attached picture), this stuff is by far the worste media ever made. Its worse than princo, it’s worse than the old 1x/2x great quality stuff fry’s used to sell. It’s horrible. I tried it on diffrent burners and every single one burned terible. The pack I originally tried I returned. The 50 pack in the picture was returned to the store I work at (took it home to see what was on it as it was being thrown away). Every single disk had been burned and most seemed to have failed to even complete the burn (less than half the disk was burned). There were bad visable defects in the dye at spots on some disks and you could see the ring where it quit burning fell right on the defect. The other pack was on sale for 3$ for 30 (all clearance was half price) so I bought it out of morbid curiosity (another media to play with).
Defanatlly try beter media (like verbatim).
It could also be in part the way it was authored as others have sugested.
What format were the original files, and how did you convert them to dvd format? What software do you have to use?

Just a thought, but ae you burning it as a dvd project or as a dvd-data disc. I notice you mention copying the videots folder to the disc, but their is usually an unused (empty) audio ts folder on a playable dvd as well. I’m not certain, but believe this is necessary for also for many drives to recognize the disc as valid dvd video.

Thanks guys - lots to try. I will let you know if I get any improvement with different media… and I will continue to ‘fiddle around’ with settings on the burner… got a few potential coasters to burn…

Depending on what the original files are, there are programs like nero express that will convert them, create menus and such and burn to dvd, all from on program.