Burnt DVD files from PC wont play in one of my DVD players

I’ve been burning a few dvd’s from my hard drive lately and have been having a problem. These file sets are from torrent downloads. I use Bitcomet for downloading them. Most are in LOTS of small zip files that I unzip to a specified folder and then burn the files to disc.

DVD’s that I burn from the hard drive will not play in one of my dvd players. It says “disc read error. playback feature may not be available on this disc”. They work perfectly in the other dvd player as well as on my pc.

Any dvd’s that I have copied from disc to disc work perfectly. When burning DVD videos that have been decrypted to files from a DVD disc, I have no problems playing them. It is only the torrent downloaded files that cause trouble.

The problem is not the media. I have used the same batch of Ritek media for the last few months with no problems. Again, the problem is only with these torent downloaded files.

I have used Nero to burn the files as a DVD Video and I have also used DVD Shrink and used the “open File” option. I have the same problem either way.

Could there be some sort of missing play file? Maybe the files aren’t arranged correctly?

I might as well add that
I honestly have never, ever, ever had a problem with burning, copying, decrypting, authoring or anything else DVD related for that matter. I only have trouble with the files I download from the torrent application. Every DVD (8 of them) that I have downloaded does the same thing. It works in one of my DVD players and my pc, but not in the other DVD player.

Thanks for any help!

I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume these are legal downloads.

What file format are they in? Maybe they need to be converted to DVD VOB files to be compatible with that player. Same players can play AVI files, while others can’t.

Absolutely legal…

Here’s a screenshot of the file list.

Also some dvd players especially older ones dont like dvd reburns. I had some that would not play a dvd+r period but liked dvd-r. Maybe it was my burner I dont know.

Mine will definitely play DVD+r’s. It plays them with copies and decrypted file sets. It just wont play these torrent downloaded file sets. :frowning:

I just replaced both of my old sony stand alones with the new phillipsplayer. Plays DIVX
A lot of my play problems then went away.

What are the age, makes, and model #'s of the players? What burner are you using?