Burnt DVD doesnt play in PS2

Hi there,

I’ve begun dabbling with burning some DVD’s and have run into a small

I’ve downloaded some TV shows, gone through the process of re-encoding them
to mpegs, and made a DVD layout using Tmpgenc DVD Author.

That all went fine, and it outputted a bunch of files into a video_ts
folder, as I’m told it should.

I then opened up Nero (version and burnt them to a Video DVD.

This DVD plays just fine in my PC, and in my standalone DVD player.

However my PS2 (which we use as our main DVD player) doesnt like the disk.
It just about recognises it as a DVD after much whirring and buzzing,
tries to play it then says it cannot read the disk.

I dont think its a problem with the media, as I have burnt a DVD image from
another source to the same brand/batch of DVD-R’s and the PS2 played it just fine. The difference in that case was that the file I burnt was a .ISO file,
I didnt manually create the DVD by dragging the video_ts files onto the CD.

Any ides why my PS2 doesnt like my burn?