Burnt copy seens darker then original

I’am sure this has been posted a hundred times if so point me in the right direction.
I use 1click dvd copy to back up my movies along with dvd43 , when i watch it back it seems darker than the original.
Is there a program that can be used along with 1click dvd copy that would fix this issue.

What kinda movie are you referring to? Also what is your drive model and firmware? That darker then original in VHS similiarity usually means a copy protection mode kicked in preventing a copy to be made.

Try using DVD FAB DECRYPTER to rip and Imgburn to burn.

i also wonder why that is

Have you tried to use slysoft products to see if they will copy any differently? Like Anydvd to decrypt the proctection and then use CloneDVD or CLoneCD to copy the dvd.