Burnt cd's wont read on other pc's

Hi folks, really silly newbie question here, I’m new to nero 6 software, burnt a data cd for a friend’s pc but it wont read/open on his system, so tried it on my old man’s computer but wont read/open on that either, but works fine on mine. Is there a setting in nero so I can burn data and music disc’s that will read on all systems. :confused:

There’s a function to finalise the disk. If you didn’t do this then it won’t be readable by another computer if it’s not running the same software as you.

It could also be the media you are using.

You can also use +R media and burn it as DVD-Rom (pending the drive you have can handle DVD-Rom). This will make it more compatible to a lot more players.

That’d be a pretty neat trick for a burnt CD!

Anyways, make sure the ‘Finalize’ button is checked, like TimC said, although an unfinalized disc should still work…

[QUOTE=tehGrue]That’d be a pretty neat trick for a burnt CD!


Hey what do you know… I made an honest mistake on 0 sleep. Oh well I guess I’m still human and make a few mistakes now and then. Unlike some folks that seem to be perfect… Sorry impreza. It’s not very often that CD’s are discussed here. Just had DVD’s on the brain again. :stuck_out_tongue: But take TimC’s advise and finalize the disk and report back on how you came out. This should help you out. :cool:

Hehe, it happens. It just seems like every topic I flip through here to try to help out has the usual “try dvd decrypter! try dvd shrink! bitset to dvd-rom! defrag!” answers, this time it just fit even less than usual.

When the same questions get asked over and over, you tend to get the same answers if your lucky enough to get an answer at all. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people as of late don’t seem to want to take the time and read a bit before posting. But it is fortuante for them that there are a few of us that will still answer the redundant questions and at the same time help them with the rules and regs without flames or sarcastic crap. After all thats what the forum is all about is helping one another eh?

Cheers guys, finalize the disk did the trick. Thanks once again.