Burnt Cd's: Static/Crackling Problem

Howdy, I’m using a fairly high end audio setup: Definitive BP10B Speakers, Yamaha HTR-5550 Reciever, and a Denon DCD-1500 Cd player. It plays retail Cd’s fine, but when I try to play CD’s I have burnt, there is a static/crackling sound that is audible while the music is playing. These cd’s are of course burnt from FLAC files, and they play fine in other (lower-fi) stereos, just not my main one. I have switched burners and blank media to no avail. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is? It has been suggested that I use super high quality blank media (Taiyo Yuden), does that seem like it would help?

Welcome to CDF’s:

Well it could be the media. Could be the speed your burning them at. What speed and app are you using?

What model/brand drive do you have and what media are you using? Also if you don’t have Nero you can download the free tool Nero CD-DVD Speed ( http://cdspeed2000.com/files/NeroCDSpeed_47716.zip ),put a disc in, and click on the info tab. Take a screen shot of it and post it here. That will show all that info for us to see.

Right now I’m using Ashampoo Burning Studio 8 w/ a Samsung Super-WriteMaster SH-S203 drive, and I’m burning at 16x, which is the lowest speed available. I would like to burn it slower, but I’m not sure if my drive is capable.

As I said I have tried different brands of media, but right now I am using verbatim lightscribe cd’s. Here is a screen:


Btw, the CD player I’m using is from 1986. It is a great Cd player and works fine, but is it possible older cd player’s dont work so well with burnt cd’s?

hmmm could be that old player doesn’t like 700mb/80 min CD-R’s? Someone else will post i’m sure.

Where can I buy quality 74min CDR’s?