Burnt cd Will not play in Kia car

I have a problem playing burnt audio books in My KIA car. The cd plays in any of my home players. I have tried using nero, alcohol,cd mate, clonecd ,windows media player to burn the cd. I have tried different medias.I am using tdk now.Music cd’s do not seem to present a problem. it seems to be drive related .If I insert the original, It plays immediately. I found this to be true with several audio books. I have burnt some audio books and it will sometimes play in the car. Does anyone have any idea why the player in the car would not play the burnt audio book?

Because it sucks? :doh:

Try different media, and try burning at a lower speed (1x or 2x.) If that doesn’t work, buy a new CD player! :iagree:

Tru Verbatim Valulife 74min CD’s with AZO blue dye. Burning at a slower speed will help.