Burnt cd successfully but No Install?

Ok, i have downloaded a game with CDI extension. I have burnt it with Alcohol 120% to a cd.

This cd contains all of the game files such as Boards, Movies, Music, etc with ALOT of other files making up the game. I was looking for a setup or an install.exe to install the game but there’s no such thing.

Any suggestions/recommendations are much appreciated.

Ok, i have downloaded a game


no no no , who said i downloaded a game ? :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: :wink:

was just wondering what you guys do when you dont have an install.exe in application/game whatever, i mean, is there any other way around it ?

there is no general answer for that, it depends on the software if you can “install” it manually…
could you give more detail about WHAT you try to install?
but ONLY if it is a FREEWARE, or if you OWN the original of the game (which i don’t think, because then you would have not downloaded it and have a manual telling you how to install)…
ELSE, this is WAREZ, which is not discussed here!

ok , i thought i was missing out because its quite frustrating having all the files of the program and not being able to install it