Burnt cd only works occasionally

Hello all… Recently I got a new computer, with a 48x cdrw drive, and a bunch of cdr disks… I burn a 2 disks , and they borh work in my computer, my moms car, my friends moms car and my cheap cd player… they do not work in my friends car, or our home entertainment system…

Any ideas? I tried both of the brands I bought, the first one is is tdk, the other is dynex… Im thinking the brands are good, but i got the wrong kind (cd-r vs cd-rw)

I used real player and windows media player to burn them both (2 copys of each to be redundent)

so my question is this… am i burning them too fast (max x), is my hardwhere junk (stock in an insignia computer), or did i get the wrong kind of cd’s?

thanks all

CD-RW is not widely supported on standalones. Try cyanine/AZO dye CD-R media - blue-green/bluish dye, as in Verbatim DataLife Plus, Verbatim Vinyl, Maxell CD-R Pro and Taiyo Yuden - at no higher than 16X and see how it goes.

do you think theese would work?
Thanks alot

Yes, these are the Verbatim Vinyls I mentioned in my previous post. They are based on dark-blue cyanine dye and should be highly compatible. Try burning them at 16x or 8x in disc-at-once (DAO) mode. Use 4x as the last resort.

Good luck.