Burnt 2 DVD Video discs-1650,got problem!

I just purchased the benq dw 1650,few days back!

I have just burnt a few DVDs with it and a couple of CDRs…

The PS2 backups which i burnt works fine!..ive got a problem with a couple of DVD video discs which i burnt…they work on my PS2 and my laptop’s
QSI DVD/CDRW drive but they appear as blank DVDs when i run on my new benq drive which was used to burn them…what may be the problem…is the drive defective?

I Tried to make the .iso of Terminator 3 (PS2 game) with the drive , it gave read error and stopped, the laptop drive made the .iso of it easily?

Ultra DMA mode 2 is activated and ive also updatet the firmware of the drive to BCHC.im using Melody (Tayo Yuden) 4.7 GB DVD-Rs

one question regarding firmware , which one is better BCHC(RPC II) or BCFC (RPC I)


The FW depends on your burner…see which one suits you…

For me…my burner prefers BCFC…you can check my scan here…