Burnspeed limited on my Liteon 851s

hy colleagues

i just bought the 851 and when i try tu burn a dvd i encounter the following problem:

the media -r says 4x speed but in nero the field “burningspeed” is just gray and says 2x (i have no chance to change it)

the media says +r 8x speed but nero puts only 4x into the field “burningspeed” and also i can not change it.

i installed the newes firmware and downloaded the newest release and addons from nero but nothing helps.

also the burner is jumpered as master and i put a new dword value into the regedit to check the media speed.

as operating system i am using xp 32 bit.

can anybody help me with this???

many thanks:Z

it could be that ur media is not up to scratch. look in the tools section at the top of the lite on forum here and get dvd info pro, follow the instructions and post the mediacode of the discs u are using.

it sounds like that even tho your media is rated for a certain speed, the firmware on your drive wont let the drive burn that fast, check this thread for overcomming that issue <a href=“http://short-circuit.zapto.org/ftopic311.php”>Disable media speedlimit for liteon dvd burners</a>