Burns with ricoh and taiyo yuden



this is really strange, but anyways…i have a nec 3500 and have had it for quite some time now…i think i burned well over 100 dvds, the majority of which were code RICOHJPNR01 dvd+rs rated @ 4x…now i decided to try some taiyo yudens media code YUDEN000T02 dvd+rs rated @ 8x…however, the burn was significantly much less in quality than the ricohs! the scan was actually pretty bad…is it because my nec is so used to burning ricohs or is it because my liteon is so used to reading ricohs and not taiyo yudens?..btw my nec is ND-3500AG 2.TD, upgraded firmware with Liggy & Dee 2.TD, based on MD16 2.FC with riplock removed and RPC1…also, all media was bought from blankmedia.ca where the taiyo yudens were reviewed by many users as very good quality…here are some pictures:


Hi :slight_smile:

“is it because my nec is so used to burning ricohs or is it because my liteon is so used to reading ricohs and not taiyo yudens?”

LOL NO WAY! :wink:

But there is definitly something wrong with your burns, your scans are nowhere near the quality you should get out of TY or Ricoh with the 3500.

Or maybe it’s the software you use? Anyway something’s not right here… :confused:


well i was using clonedvd for movies…could it be that my burner is dying…actually, quite some time ago, i did a kprobe scan of a ricoh dvd and it turned out pretty good, like anyone would expect, but then after quite a bit of burns, i decided to do a kprobe scan and see how my burner was performing and the ricoh scan was not all that great, i tried taiyo yuden and got a pretty shitty burn as well, i then upgraded to the firmware mentioned above, and it seemed to improve a bit, but as you said neither of the media are burning as they should…:confused: …maybe i should consider my nec dead, and buy a benq dw1620 at canadacomputers for $56.99 CAD…wuddayall think??


The benq is a good burner,
my question … what are these T-Y’s labeled as… (see my post in the "fake TY big long thread at top of this forum section - concerning "PrimeOn branded "TY"s)


look here for yourself: http://blankmedia.ca/prodsubcats.asp?id=29 called DVD+R 8X TAIYO YUDEN SILVER or here: http://blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=320


woah…when i do a nero cd-dvd speed quality test, the results are so much better…will post later…does this mean my liteon is messed up in reading??..when i use nero with the liteon drive, it gives me a over 100X worse scan :confused:


the 811S is a poor scanner i wouldnt trust it


does that mean i should switch to my nec 3500 as a reader?? (i have a new benq dw1620, and strong nec 3500 with about well over a 100 burns, and an old liteon ldw811s) or should i keep the liteon as long as it does the job without giving me errors?


You should use your new BenQ drive for quality scanning (it measures jitter that NEC does not), but using Lite-On for plain reading should be fine as long as it doesn’t stop and report CIRC errors, uncorrectable sectors, or other similar messages indicating unreadable data.


okaleedokalee…thx for the tips