Burns getting worse

hi, i have a sonyrb50 that is about 3 months old and came with a sony q28a writer, which i understand is the same as the lite-on 1693s and the sony dru-800. i have now tried most of the different firmware that is available for these 3 drives and in the process i have found that my burn quality seems to be getting worse. I was hoping somebody may know what firmware works best with this drive, as a sony q28a i have tried kys1, kys2, and kys4. as a lite-on 1693s i have tried ksob, kc4b. as a sony dru 800a i have tried ky06. i think the kys4 worked slightly better than the other ones but now when i use it i have not been able to get the same burn quality that i once was getting. i don’t know if all of the firmware flashing that i have done has caused this to happen. i am using only verbatim +r 16x. i used to consistently get a 95 quality score with kys4 at 16x burn speed and 12x burn speed, now i am lucky to get 1 out of 5 that is in the 90’s. my main focus is to get the best quality burns possible with 4.7g +r media and dual layer +r media. i don’t care about burn speed as much.

I found the KC4B produced good results.

Hi, sorry to see you’re still having trouble. I would suggest you start fresh and “reset learned media” using the EEPROM Utility you can find on this forum. Follow instructions carefully (don’t mess with the EEPROM itself or you might kill your drive). Any of the 3 firmwares should give you good results with those Verbatim media.

i didnt know sony drives ‘learnt’, media like BenQ drives??? huh?? How’s that work?

I’ll leave that to C0deKing or Wind to explain the details, but obviously they do. I believe Wind mentioned it’s a “servo parameter” that’s being stored.