Burns for ZS0D and ZS0G



are here:


As usual, anyone is free to make copies of the results


All burns have been finished until I get more new media in my area!


how can you afford all the cdr’s? do you get paid to do the test??


Not a cent. Do you want to make a contribution? Just kidding!:slight_smile:


It’s worth it to me. It’s a hobby and certainly cheaper than some hobbies that I can think of.

No new media yet:(


its a hobby for me too, i think it probably is for most the people in this forum. i made a thread in the living room about it a while ago, i seem to feel the urge of burning at least a cd a day :slight_smile:


Only one CD on a day…? :wink:

I do not get paid for doing the reviews I do either, but in some cases I’m allowed to keep the drives.

Try to guess how many discs I’m using for every review?

It varies from 10-50 discs per review, I use CD-RW discs as much as possible…but still needs 10-50 normal CD-R discs…


Only one CD on a day…? :wink:
sometimes i can’t find something to burn when i am a bit bored :slight_smile: literally