Burns are failing

I’ve been having trouble burning DVDs with my roughly 2 years old LG DVD RAM GSA-4167B drive.

I tried 3 times and every time it’s the same result, the drive starts burning and then after a few minutes tells me “DMA-driver error, CRC error” and the burn fails.

Also at the beginning at sounds like the engine is trying to spin uo the disk but then stops when it reaches a certain speed and starts accelerating again, over and over.

I have attached mt Nero 7 log. It’s running on an XPpro SP2 box.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?



First of all you should consider to upgrade the firmware of your device to DL13 (DL from here:


), second of all:

Physical memory : 127MB (130596kB)
Free physical memory: 29MB (30492kB)

You have only 128MB of RAM??! And only 29MB free??!!
That’s a bare minimum for WinXP itself, not to mention for Nero and other applications which rely heavily on it.

It wouldn’t hurt your PC to add some more RAM.

Another thing would be the media used. Did you change your usual media brand?
In my case it wasn’t about DMA error, but I also couldn’t burn DVDs anymore, so I switched back to the brand it used to work with smoothly.

I read somewhere that the DMA error can occur due to the IDE cable etc.
So try and replace the cables on the device.
Doublecheck if Ultra DMA Mode is enabled on your drive.


Report back to us if this has helped you.:slight_smile:

Got RAM?

[QUOTE=enes2k4;2020215]You have only 128MB of RAM??! And only 29MB free??!!

This machine actually used to have 384MB but my power supply died and took half the memory with it. It took me a while to figure out what the problem was after replacing the power supply. I removed the damaged modules, and as the computer is old I’m probably going to dump it. I just need to burn everything I have, because i suspect the HDD might be going bad too since the power surge.

I’ve already burned one DL DVD and two regular DVDs since the power surge, but then the drive suddenly started failing.