BurnOut 1.0 released

Hey everybody!
After a long, long time (some might have thought there never will come a release again :wink: ) i’m very proud to release a new BurnOut version.
Here comes the first stable release: BurnOut 1.0.

Download BurnOut 1.0 here

And here the changelog for the ones who are interested:

:. GF7: New protection detections:
-Code Lock
-Jowood X-Prot v2
-Key-Lock (Dongle)
-LaserLock Marathon
-MediaMax CD-3
-SVK Protector
:. GF7: StarForce-scan in exe-files improved
:. GF7: StarForce file scan added
:. GF7: StarForce version detection added
:. GF7: CD-Cops and DVD-Cops version detection added
:. GF7: ProtectDisc version detection added
:. GF7: Cactus Data Shield 200 detection improved
:. GF7: Cactud Data Shield version detection added
:. GF7: SecuROM 7 detection improved
(generic version detection!!!)
:. GF7: SafeDisc version detection out of file size improved
:. GF7: SafeDisc version detection improved
:. GF7: Dummyfiles-scan scans now files larger than 681574400 Bytes (650 Mb)
:. GF7: Dummyfiles are now only detected if disk is a CD
:. GF7: SafeCast file scan added
:. GF7: CopyKiller file scan added
:. GF7: CD-Extra file scan improved
:. GF7: TAGES scan in file added
:. GF7: Smarte-scan in exe-files added

:. GF7: Added a new feature for version detection called EVORE (“Extract Version Out of Running EXE”).
If the scanned file is protected by SafeDisc with the version removed or by ProtectDISC it will be executed and the version will be read from the files extracted to the Temp-Dir. After the version is extracted, the application will be instantly terminated.
You can disable this feature by unchecking the option “advanced scan”
:. GF7: Added console support
(arguments you can use: -nogui do not show the Graphial-User-Interface
-advancedscan use EVORE
-scan {File/Drive} scan File/Drive (can only be used as last argument and only if nogui is specified)
:. GF7: BurnOut now scans not only for protections in EXE-files but also in DLL- and DAT-files
:. GF7: Possibility to scan manually in files added
:. GF7: Files are only scanned if they are executable files
:. GF7: Added a possibility to open the drive by right clicking the selection box
:. GF7: BurnOut now supports Drag&Drop of files (dropped file will be scanned)

:. GF7: Value.AddScanEXE and Value.percent changed to datatype “single”
:. GF7: made a new function out of the scans in EXE-files called “ScaninFile”
:. GF7: standard file limit of 15 Mb added
:. GF7: non used memory is now freed after each scan in file and at the end of the scan
:. GF7: new fuctions “PrefixInStr” and “SuffixInStr()” coded, used in ProtectionFind.ScaninFile
:. GF7: ScanfornewDrives replaced by message handling through WndProc

:. GF7: Fixed bug which caused BurnOut to crash if the ExtractIcon-APIFunction returned zero (could not extract the icon)
:. GF7: Fixed a bug which made BurnOut never find SafeDisc 2-4 through filesearch

PS: Merry Christmas and have fun with BurnOut 1.0

@cdkiller: u have been quicker :wink:

Wow, sounds interesting…

Thanks for the info!