Burnmaster Taiyo-Yuden +R 8X at $30 per 100

Plus shipping. Use the coupon “burn3off”. It is an old coupon for the -R but it seems to work with the +R 100 pack.


I can’t remember if these were authentic or some cheap knock-offs. There is a thread about these somewhere in the media section.

The jury is still out. I will have 100 +R in a week and will get back.



Let us know if they are fakes man. All I remember is the last time people posted one of these burnmaster deals that people didn’t go crazy over it like with other media.

I think Kenshin mentioned those awhile back. I am not sure if he was saying they were good or bad. Wait till I see a post from him I’ll ask.

I just did some research and I believe those are real. I saw largescale pic and the packaging is definitely TY. They may be seconds but I think they are TY.

They are not premium. If I remember correctly, they are more like the “value” TY stuff.

I thought we confirmed that there was no such thing as “value” TY. It is just old media being thrown into shrinkwrap and clearing out inventory.

Additionally, there has never been any “value” TY sold as 8X. They have only advertised 4X which has been discontinued. In any case, I will have them by Wednesday and I will test them out so you can know what you are getting.

I thought we confirmed that there was no such thing as “value” TY. It is just old media being thrown into shrinkwrap and clearing out inventory.

I will rephrase it and say it is not as good as the stuff Rima sells.


here are a couple of links in this thread about them
one of them compares to the “value” line

These are genuine TY. The code is YUDEN000T02, the case and serial numbers match TY and the COO is Japan. The finish is also dead on. I rate these AAA++, disreguard any crap about “value” grade.

Here is a scan burned on an NEC 3520 with 1.UF firmware, 8X

Thanks for clearing that up, Chas!! :bigsmile: I was wondering if they were genuine TY and thanks for also clearing up this seemingly incessant discussion about ‘value’ grade. I might order some of these, so I don’t have be so obsessive for checking for dye spotting on the backs of the DVDs from Best Buy or other places. I went through 4 25 pks at BB and all of them had too many ‘spotty’ ones in the spindles I checked, so I walked out with nothing.:sad:

hmm looks like a great deal, is this a great buy or i should stick with rima

Between the shipping cost difference and little doubt that is still there, I personally would stick with Rima, the downside is to great and the upside is only a few bucks. My opinion only.

Anyone still interested, these are $31 per 100 and they have both -R and +R in stock. $10 cheaper than Rima.


-r is now oversold! just +r available yes I ordered 100

Thanks to chas0039 for the original post, and the followup with scan. I just ordered 100 of these, the coupon code still works, total with shipping to TX for 100 of these was $37.38, an excellent price for very high quality media.

The scan is looking very good to me, TY like!
A very good price, i’m thinking about to order some.
As i understand they’re offering international orders, too!

Yes, I found no dvd-r available, but I’ll post a comprehensive burn once I have them. :wink: (I ordered from AllMedia, though and the coupon worked; also, they have a high Bizrate rating, meaning one can evaluate them after they receive the order AND that this store does comply with some kinds of standards, because if they get ‘bombed’ in any rating, usually any Bizrate member works hard to get the problem solved to the customer’s satisfaction. I’ve done a lot of business with Bizrate-rated merchants and always had great experiences with them over the last 5 years.) So, anyone should be able to order from them with quite a bit of confidence that you’ll be getting good stuff, packaged and handled well. :bigsmile:

I just spoke with Allmedia and they do not know when they will have more of the -R in stock. I reinforced with her that there are people waiting and that they should take steps to keep the quality pure TY and she agreed. Looks like a shortage everywhere as people figured out what it really was.