BurnMaster brand Taiyo Yuden



A new brand that uses Taiyo Yuden media.



and DVD-R



To bad they didnt offer free shipping. Doesnt look like they are branded, almost like they broke down some 02 8x values and put them in a cake box with burn master label. Interested in seeing some burns from these.


The top of the cakebox looks like my Ridisc printable’s cakebox.


The cakebox is exactly TY style.
I think they are genuine TY because the website dares to mention it whereas fake ones only use the media code with no reference to the brand, at least in countries where trade laws are enforced.


They may be real TY, real factory seconds. :eek: Guess somebody needs to buy some.


I vote rdgrimes! :stuck_out_tongue:

shipping to my zip is $7+ for the 50pack :sad:


While I was on their website, I spotted TDK003 +R 16x here; and “possibly” TTH02 -R 16x, here.

I guess rdgrimes needs to buy more this time. :stuck_out_tongue:





I’ve already got TY piled up to the wazoo. I’ll bet these folks are dumping factory seconds and discontinued media. Buyer beware. For a few dollars more, you can drop into BestBuy and get Fuji TY’s for $29 when they’re on sale.


You mean $19 (for the 50pack.)


I wonder if these are another “house brand”. If they are TDK as well as TY it makes more sense. These guys have them as well:


Sorry rdgrimes, I just looked at your links and saw they go here.


Has anyone tested this media?


Fuji on sale @BB this week $20/50. :smiley:
i got some CD from allmedia and never had a problem with them but never tested them. i did call them a couple of times and they were responsive. they will make up small lots of samples for you to try before you buy. 300 were $17 to east coast. so shipping almost makes it not worth it so i look for the fuji sales, like now.


I’d go with the Fuji Ty’s from BB for a couple bucks more. Have had terrific luck with them, not a single prob. The fact that Burnmaster callst the OEM’s in the ad, tells me that they are probably seconds. Who wants to put down the first $18 to try them and report? :stuck_out_tongue:



There is a thread about this over at afterdawn. Someone tested the 8x+R burnmaster and the serial on the inner hub was TG000 series and the media ID came back as T02.
A couple other folks are gonna test the burnmasters as well…


I’m pretty sure these are TY (they definitely have the unique TY cakebox) However, I do question whether these are the premium grade TY or the value TY. If they are premium then they are a supurb value. :wink:


I fell for this one a couple of months ago. Bought 200 of 'em, and wish to God I’d gotten a brain for Christmas, or else I’d have avoided them. To put it simply, they suck. The 8x can squeeze by at 6x with not a lot of trouble, but you still get a lot of bad burns, and you’ll run into patches in the stack where a bunch are just fried out of the box. I run Pioneer and NEC drives, and always check compatibility first. These said on the specs they’d work perfectly with those drives. What a crock. Avoid these if you want to actually keep your data. Even if they pass verification, I promise you, you’ll pull one of these out a month later, and you’ll get CRC errors out the wazoo.

If you can find them, and you run Pioneer or NEC hardware, the newer 8x Optodiscs are absolutely friggin’ awesome. Very impressed with those. Only trouble was with Shop4tech, because they sent me a pack of Optodiscs, and inside the spindles they were… --do you see this coming yet?–, the very same crap mentioned above. DVDInfo and DVD Identifier both say they’re TYs, but if they are, they’re rejects. My money says they’re fakes, though. If you can get actual Optodiscs, they kick ass.



Optodisc has used TYG02 codes because at that time there codes were very bad supported by Japanese compannies. However this would be very old batches of 8x media if there really optodisc. Current 8x media optodisc makes uses there own codes.


Is it that old? It is using the “Acrocircle” branding… which is relatively newer.


Yep that’s old stock. Acrocircle is prety close related to Optodisc. Some would call it there homebrand.
Also Optodisc tried. To make it clear they were the printed the acrocircle brand for most of there media in the hub so it could be linked back to them and not TY. Really Optodisc might have made the mistake to use TY code in the first place, however they did try to make things still clear that it was not TY media.
Still the only bad point is that these media still is supplied( not produced) because they still have some stock left.