Burnmaster blanks - feedback welcome



I read some people here had positive experience with these:

BurnMasterâ„¢ Japanese Quality DVD Media

As my most direct source, BestBuy no longer carries the TY FujiFilm in my area (I was actually lucky most other BB’s ran out long ago), I must now find an alternative.

I am not looking for cheap necessarily, but for quality.

Please provide feedback or post up scans in the child forum if you wish, I am considering these and if they are indeed as they claim, I am opting as of now to buy a 600 pack.
Such an investment in such a large quantity is why I want to evaluate every angle possible.

Thanks anyone who responds… :slight_smile:


After factoring in shipping costs, they really aren’t much cheaper than www.rima.com. I prefer to order the unbranded TY from rima since rima is much easier to deal with if something goes wrong. :wink:


I should have mentioned I am interested in the ones with the white tops… me hates fingerprints

Actually, price is cheaper to my area with shipping inclusive.

So whats the feedback on quality…?


I know that Chas loves them.