I just got my cdr-w drive and had a few questions.

what program do i use to burn .bin files? Do i have to include the .cue file too?

what program do i use to burn audio cd’s? .wav files i mean.

what programs do i use to burn normal files? like burn the exact things on the hard drive onto cd’s?


Nero burning ROM will do all these things for you.
Discjuggler will also burn bin files.
CDRWIN will burn it too with cue files and will also do the other things.



I usually use CDRWIN 3.8a, this program saves it’s images in the .bin & .cue format. Nero should also b able 2 do it. Good Luck.


Ch5 Micky


How do I burn .cue and .bin files using nero burning rom?

Can someone please give me the exact instructions please.



nero: only *.bin files that exist out of ONE track, more will get burned to but can cause non-working games/apps, select burn image from the menu somewhere and thats it