I have a couple questions about burning issues with DVD FAB Platinum.

First, every once in a while, it seems as though something changes with my computer or system which affects something with my burner or software. Suddenly, the DVD Fab software will take an extremely long time to read from the source DVD and then it will say it burned succesfully, but it won’t play. It just says opening for a long time, but nothing happens. I end up having to “restore” my computer back to an earlier date, and then everything will work fine again. Which obviously means that something is being changed at some point.

Second, if a DVD player isn’t compatible with my form of DVD’s (dvd+R) why will it play for awhile and then freeze? Why would it play at all?

Third, how do you know if it’s the DVD player that’s the problem or the burned DVD itself?

Finally, this is not actually a question but has anyone heard about problems with labled DVD’s while flying? Because, I label mine and they play fine. Once I get to altitude, they freeze constantly. Then when I land again, they play fine again. It must have something to do with the labels because I have had no problems with the ones I don’t label. Just curious!

you never want to put labels on your dvd’s. Only use sharpie markers or get a inkjet printer that can print on inkjet printable dvd’s. When you put labels on they make the dvd uneven so when it spins in the player it makes the dvd uncontrolable and unreadable by the laser.