Burning Youtube video to CD

There is a particular set of lectures featured on Youtube that I wanted to show in a presentation that I doing, but the company laptop that I’m using blocks access to Youtube.
What is the easiest way to burn those videos to a cd that I could play in the laptop for the presentation?

I’m not sure if it’s true for all youtube movies, but most that I’ve seen are flash video files. You’ll need some sort of file grabber to download the video (I use flashgot with Firefox) then use something like ConertXtoDVD, FAVC or DVD Flick to convert the downloaded files to DVD format and burn with ImgBurn/Nero etc.



Why convert/burn them at all, grab them and copy to USB stick and plug/play them on the lappy…

@t0nee1;That should work as long as the lappy has a .flv player.
VLC will play .flv.
I haven’t tried DVDFlick to burn to a CD for this but it works with a SL DVD.I actually don’t let DVDFlick do the burn just create the files to the HDD then I burn those with a burning program of my choice.
The best program I’ve found for “grabbing” YouTube videos is Orbit downloader.

@t0nee1;That should work as long as the lappy has a .flv player.
VLC will play .flv.

I don’t get your comment… Of course you need a media player that supports .flv files…Install VLC on lappy and play it from stick or copy to laptop’s HDD…
My suggesting is (unless they want a CD or DVD) to [I]not convert[/I] the already compressed crappy flv file…Play it as is…

t0nee1;We actually agree on this.
I just thought the OP might not know he needed a media player that supports .flv files.I know you know it does.

Glad to agree with you then…:iagree::slight_smile:

So I have already “grabbed” one video from Youtube and use FLICK to convert it to a DVD format that I was able to play on my DVD player.
But you are saying that I can simply copy the video to a stick and if the company laptop supports a certain format (.flv?) it should play right from there?
But I need software (Orbit downloader) to get the video from Youtube to my HDD or the sick, is that correct?

Use whatever tool to grab the video, copy the file(s) on to a USB stick…Install VLC on the laptop, plug the stick in a USB port on lappy (windows should see it)…Fire up VLC, play the file(s) from stick, or copy(drag&drop) the file(s) to the lappy’s HDD and play from there…


There are many YouTube downloaders.This is one that YouTube links from their site:
I haven’t tried but I think you could DL direct to your Flash drive.
I just like the results of Orbit better.I beleive Firefox even has a built in one or an available plugin.
Whatever computer you use will have to support playing .flv format to do it this way.
VLC is a player that will play almost everything.
After you have the .flv the YouTube downloader will convert the .flv to a limited amount of formats .wmv might work for you if you can’t use .flv.

I decided to experiment a bit this morning.
Using a 2GB sandisc flash drive.I installed VLC on it.
I then installed the YouTube downloader in the link on it.
Using the YouTube downloader I DLed a YouTube video as a .flv to the flash drive .
I was able to play the .flv on the VLC player installed on the flash drive.
btw I was also able to play it on WMP 11 but I have extra codecs installed so that may be the reason WMP 11 played the .flv on my OS.
I then used the YouTube downloader on the flash drive to convert the .flv to a .wmv file.
I beleive the .wmv file will play on most WMP players.
So give that a try .One way or another that should work for you.
All of this only used 99MB on the flash drive.

freeware called [B]VDOWNLOADER[/B] www.vdownloader.es

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All you need is this one little bookmarklet to download. Works like a charm.


[QUOTE=t0nee1;2271786]Why convert/burn them at all, grab them and copy to USB stick and plug/play them on the lappy…[/QUOTE]

what he said… lol i didnt even know burning youttube videos were possible. thanks for the tip!

We got at $35 DVD player with a USB input from Wallymart for my 5 year old
Plays XVID AVI, MP3 with a nice interface built-in dispalaying all the attributes, when you you click on Display

Now, I think I should get one for my main system to play videos, too