Burning xbox games



I was wondering if someone can help me with burning xbox games??

I have a DVD burner and I am using Nero, I don’t have any problems with PS2 games. I can burn the xbox games but it only burns 13.6mg. I am just wondering if there is hidden files I don’t know about or something I am doing wrong.

If someone knows how to do it please let me know, thank you.



did you try any 1:1 program like alcohol or discjuggler…?


Didn’t think you could copy XBox games…but perhaps that perception is no longer valid…

[last topic I could find stating this:


see http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?&threadid=44942

I’m still accepting bets :slight_smile:


first get prassi Primo DVD 2.0 and go to http://www.consolecopyworld.com/ they have some good tutorials to get you started
I know you need to copy the disc from the xbox and transfer it to your pc and then burn it prassi
hoped this helped
Dont for get you need a mod chip to do this
Only for you back ups :wink:


XBOX game copying is possible with a chipped xbox as the guy before stated. Just rip to hdd with the xbox, and use XISO to create the image after you ftp the files over from your xbox hdd, and hope that the game is under 4.3 gigs. For more details check here:




I have backed up over 40 of xbox games. At first it is a little stressfull, but it is awsome when you get it down. You have to mod your xbox with mod chip. There is a few out there. Do research to see which one you agree with. Get a ftp program. For example flash ftp. Trial software you got to find. Then you need
An evox prog
iso maker of your choice
dvd-r dvd+r disk work good on mine
I connect directly to my xbox from computer so I use cross over cable. I dont like putting games on xbox hard drive, so I always back up on disk. But there is everything you could imagine to do with it. One down fall. You to make a way to disable to your mod chip from xbox to play xbox live. And you cant use backed up games on it. Or last i checked anyway.


Ok first thing… DO NOT USE XISO!!! What a load of ******* ****!!! It creates truely poor Xbox ISO’s and should never been used not even in a blind drunken state.

All you need to do is FTP into the xbox and drag the contents of the D:\ to your PC.

Get ISOCraxtion 3.1 (latest - google for it) and use the non-MS copywritten coded tool to create the xbox format Iso or get hold of GDFimage and use that inconjuction with ISOCraxtion.

There are plenty of other ways to max a DVD backup but I find that the proven method works.

After you have made your image (or multi imaged disc) you can burn it using any burning app. It will burn the ISO in the true xbox format and you should have no problems reading it.


I agree. Craxton is awsome. It creates iso and patch’s the .xbe file. I use record now max to backup my image (game).


How come my computer says it is going to take 5 days to tranfer the files for Halo to my hard drive so i can burn the game. Is there a way to speed up the process.


What ftp program you using? I use flash fxp. Check your transfer settings.


Is there any way to burn an Xbox game and play it directly to the system or do you need to buy a mod chip!


You need am odchip due to media checks and xbe patching. XBE patching modders have cracked but until we get the 2048 bit encryption key used by M$ to sign cds, i doubt we will.


Ok Xbox is not a vaild DVD anything it is incryted to not show up in your DVD burner and Xbox disks are nothing like PS2 disks. Ps2 disks are made using DVD so thats why they show up in your drive. You can try hocking you Xbox up to your PC but it is hard.


i tryed Craxton but it doent work for me and i wanted to know what else is there i also tryed xISO nope didnt work wheni tryed burnig halo…and one other thing how do i burn the games the are 6gigs to a DVD…???


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Hi im wondering if some one can explain to me how to make an back up copy of an xbox game i am getting a mod chip but i need to know if i can do it the easiest way and not hooking my xbox up to my pc with cross over bables and not putting the game on my hard drive and when i do intall the mod chip i got a DuoX 2 Cromwell/FlashBios Edition so i did bur a dummy file creater of 100mb and the bios i downloaded m8+ bios (non 1.6) and named it BIOS.BIN . and put both the files on a durabrand CD-R will this work for me



a way to BACKUP games can be found @ http://webpages.charter.net/modchipzone/backupxboxgames.htm


i downloaded a game but it iz 4.8 gb how do i shrink it


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