Burning xbox games



ok i have a moded xbox i don’t remeber what kind of mod it is. i have the game i want to put on dvd-r so i need the simplest steps to burn it in have nero


I haven’t done the xbox mod yet, but heres a link that might help:http://www.xbox-scene.com/


Presumably you have an ISo or IMG file to burn. If this is the case I suggest you get DVD Decrypter from www.afterdawn.com . I’ve used this very successfully to burn XBox games.


so i have the DVD Decrypter is there other software need to burn from my computer too my xbox


If you’ve got an disc image file then no other software is required.
If you’ve just got the DVD & want to copy it then that’s something else entirely. You have to establish an ftp connection between the pC & your Xbox & copy from the Xbox. Here’s a link that might help with this - http://www.copying-xbox-games.com/


i got it to work with out hooking up my xbox to my pc