Whats p guys, i have been reading some of the entries and everyone seems to have the same process for backing up their games. I hooked my xbox up so its modded and now im trying to start burning games with my dvd burner. My problem is when im transfering the data from the game to my hard drive on my computer it says like 5 days or something. The games i have tried were halo and march madness 2004. I know how to get to that step but i cant leave my cp on for 5 days while it transfers. I dont understand why noone else has this problem so someone please help me.

to take the files needed from your xbox to your pc you will need an ftp program like flashfxp.

you will also need hardawre to include an nic and a crossover cable or a hub and two cat5 cables.

We need more details before i can help you, such as the hardware you use and the software u use.