Burning wmv files onto a dvd

i hope one of you clever people can help ,i am trying to put together a tutorial dvd consisting originally of ten AVI tutorials this worked fine with nero 7, i then found that by converting my avis to wmv format i could get almost twice the amount of tutorials on a dvd, However when i burn them to disc and then play back to check in every tutorial all looks and sounds great then a few seconds later the audio turns off. if i mix avi with wmv,s the avi are perfect but once again the wmv tutorials have no audio after a few seconds. has anyone any idea why.:confused:

Sounds like a typical conversion issue. Nero is a burning app…everything else it tries to do is hit and miss. Try a better tool. ConvertXtoDVD would be my first choice, otherwise try DVD Flick or FAVC.

Thankyou Dog for your quick response,i apreciate your time and will let you know how i get on , many thanks BIGIBIGSTER.:slight_smile: