Burning with TMPGEnc Author's DVD Writing Tool?

Newb here.

I’m trying to find information on how the DVD Writing Tool incorporated into TMPGEnc DVD Author works as a general DVD writer. In other words, how does it compare in burn quality with other burning programs?

I see that I have to option of just writing the authored DVD to an ISO file, and using something else to do the actual burn. But I don’t know if it makes any difference, or what “else” might be better. It would seem to me that, particularly burning from an ISO file, the burn quality would depend entirely on the hardware, but I see things suggesting the software makes a difference.

Can someone shed some light on this, or give me a relevant link?

I used to use the DVD Author writing tool but had some problems with it. Not in terms of quality but actually getting it to work. When ity failed to work so did RecordNow that I had so maybe they use the same burning engine.

Now I burn either with Nero or DVD Decrypter/ImgBurn. The latter only burns images which I sometimes get Nero to produce as I like my volume names to be meaningful and Nero limits it to 15 characters.

Both these give comparable results which are of an excellent quality.

Obviously you need a good burner & quality media. I use a Benq 1620 & an LG4163B with Taiyo Yuden media. It’s the combination of burner & media that has a more significant affect on the burn quality rather than the burning software used.

I use it all the time for most DVD I make because it is simple to use and does a good job. Just 4 steps and you are ready to burn your DVD. After DVD Author creates the file for the DVD, I normally use Nero to actually burn the DVD. Main complaint I have is sometimes too simple and can not make many adjustments. For example the DVD menu is limited to about 6 different setups.


the dvd writing tool in tmpg DA is prassi…considered the best burn engine out there.They are re-tooling to come out w/ a newer engine.I’ve used it and have also used Prassi ONES and they work good.I no longer use nero Burning rom.