Burning with no space or gaps!

I’m trying to burn a CD of my own tunes.
I have a very small harddrive…so I need to burn one tune at a time, and leave the session open after each track is burnt. Also I want the tracks to join into each other , ie no pause between tracks. Can anyone recommend some software with which I can do this.
I have Nero 4 - if the above can be done with this can someone please tell me how.

Please help ! Thanks

Yes use nero, you can edit the gaps, set gap to 0 sec.
If you want more info e-mail me



hi doss,
you cannot make a multisession audiocd, sorry

hi dagg,
yes you can…just don´t finalize the session until the final track is burned, sorry

hi Nostrofu,
ahh…allright then !
Wrong assumption that was, sorry again !

I use Nero for my tunes as well, but I use the Dutch language. Remember to finalize your disc after you wrote all your numbers on your CD, else the CD won’t work in an audio player

Thank you all for your replies
I’m glad I can do what I need to.
…But how do I stop the CD from being “finalized” until I want it to do so ? [Please excuse my ignorance]

Why not convert all tracks to Mp3 and then use Nero to compile your cd; use disc at once;gap set to zero; and burn.


Well and truly happy ! All this technology stuff suddenly seems so much brighter with help from folks like you !

Use Feurio to burn it any remove gap,
it’s the best prog. that you can use, combine with lame encoder to made your mp3, is the best way you can do. I try many prog. an this one Rocks all the other.

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