Burning with Nforce3 chipset under Windows 7 recommendable?

Hello there,
I have an old MSI K8N Neo mainboard with this chipset.

Nvidia stopped updated for Nforce3 long time ago, and I coudn’t find a definite statement by MS if Windows 7 has onboard drivers for it, but MS’s “Windows 7 upgrade advisor tooI” didn’t point at problems and after I installed 7 for testing purposes, the device manager doesn’t show hardware conflicts, neither.

Can I “dare” to burn under these circumstances and expect results as good as under Windows XP, which is officially supported by the mainboard?

I have a Pioneer DVR-115D, a Lite-On DH20A4P and a Plextor Premium 2.

By Pioneer support I even got the strange info that their burner shouldn’t be used unter Windows 7 at all, no matter what chipset…

Thanks for all hints,


just try it. The main problem with Nforce3 was the lack of chipset drivers. If Win7 comes with native, generic drivers, I expect things to work.


Thanks, the question is if these generic drivers are included.

I’m thinking about creating a multi-boot system with the option to go to XP just for burning, till I’m sure about this…

Go to nForceHQ.com for drivers.

thanks, but link seems dead.
Edit: guess you meant nforcershq

[QUOTE=Stefan1971HH;2469320]Thanks, the question is if these generic drivers are included.[/QUOTE]If there were not, then you would have had problems - at least in device manager.