Burning with nero



I have made some of my playstation games into ISOs for my computer, but since have lost one of my games. I only have the iso and want to make it into a game again, but i have no clue on how to do it with nero.

I would like to just backup my other disks as well, but still the same prob. Should i just be able to copy the disks with nero, or do i have to do something fancy?

And yes i do own these games.


Backupping PSX games with Nero sure is possible, but… eh… is your PSX chip-modded? Only with a chip mod, backups can be used in the PSX…


can i put a mod chip into a ps2, cuz i dont have an original psx?


how do you copy a psx game with nero?


Originally posted by xtacydima
how do you copy a psx game with nero?

Use the search :wink:

@-INTELINSIDE-: yes you can, but AFAIK, not all PSX games are 100% PS2/modchip compatible…


i been using search, have been unsuccessful with clonecd, i dunno why, wanted to try nero.