Burning with nero 9

I have been using Nero 7 to burn dvds from my hard drive with an XP computer. I bought a new Vista computer and found Nero 7 was not compatible so i downloaded the trial version of Nero 9. Now when I try to burn it starts just like before but within a few minutes I get an Error message.
“Not enough memory to finish burning dvd”. I tried getting in touch with Nero and all they said was to up my virtual memory, I did that and still get the same message.

I have 548 GB on my hard drive my virtual memory is set to 9000, I have 6 GB of Ram and I have tried double layer dvds to burn 2.5 GB movies.

Can anyone one help me?

New computer with preinstalled software?

I would begin by downloading Autoruns and looking at the amount of junk that is loaded at bootup and start removing/disabling unnecessary processes to lower your RAM usage.

It is also possible that something is conflicting with Nero, so trying another utility like ImgBurn will work.

With 6GB of RAM, there is no reason you should see that message in any application… ever.