Burning With Nero 8

I have recently purchased Nero and after looking at the feature programs I want to know which one I should use for backing up my dvd’s? There’s Burning ROM, Express, Recode and Vision. They all sound the same and I dont have enough blank dvd’s to waste testing them all. Anyone clear this up for me?

For backups from discs you own, I’d use Recode. But you’ll need something like AnyDVD as well, to run in the background and remove encryption (Recode won’t deal with copy protection by itself).

Ok thanks. Also I just wanted to know when I burned dvd’s with Nero 7 a while ago when I played the dvd’s they always had a commentary or some other audio track over the film which I could never turn off. Will this do the same or is it just a simple setting?

There should be a setting within Recode, where you can uncheck any Audio Streams you don’t want (Director’s Commentary, foreign languages etc).

I personally don’t use Recode, so I couldn’t say where that setting is, though.

If you use the compilation mode, there is a button named default streams. It will allow you select the desired streams and if they should be forced or not. If you had the commentary problem in the full DVD mode, then you must have removed the soundtrack and only kept the commentary track.

i know you already bought Nero8 but alot of people seem to use the anydvd/clonedvd combo for backing up movie dvd’s.

Nero (in my opinion) aint that good of a application… and im my opinion Nero got crappy after version 6. (i switched to ImgBurn + Burrrn combo for my general data/audio burning needs myself)

but even if you get ANYDVD (DVDFAB Platinum is another good one) … you might even be able to use a free app like dvdshrink etc if your trying to save some cash.

just some thoughts :wink:

i second img it’s good app.

sorry but what the hell does that mean?

I think he was reffering the the appilcation ‘ImgBurn’.