Burning with Nero 7 ultra edition

I just bought Nero 7 Ultra Edition. I set DVD Fab Express to nero for burn. The movies will copy to fab temp, but always an error to nero. I have to manually open nero and direct it to the fab temp folder. Then I get a perfect burn. Any ideas how i can get an automatic burn using nero?
PS I have no problems using the Fab Burn engine, I just figured I would like to use the nero.

Without specifics…really hard to say. A simple uninstall/reinstall may resolve the conflict, but who knows…
If it errors out in nero, what error code pops up?
I’ve never had a problem with recode2 or ultra 6, but I’ve only used it a few times within the last 1 1/2 years just to experiment with…
Also heard nero 7 is buggy and less reliable than 6.
I know you said you’d prefer to use nero, but why???
The vso burn engine is far more reliable and IMO yields a higher quality bkup…I mean, it is the default burn engine.