Burning with more than one drive at the same time

Inspired by a discussion with The Master in the “external enclosures” threat I want to know how many of you, my colleagues, can (and do) burn with more than one drive at the same time!

What drives do you use for that?
Which hardware setup do you have (controller, motherboard, etc…)?
Any problems?

Myself, I usally use my Aopen 1648AAP to rip while my Plex Premium or my Nec 2510 burn a CD/DVD.
Burning with both USB drives at the same time already is a bit complicated (can’t work flawless during that, but it works at least).

My Setup:

Aopen 1648 AAP - Primary Master on Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe (Nforce 2 Ultra)
BenQ 1640 - Secondary Master

Plextor Premium - Mapower USB Case (KC51C1) Genesys Logic E-04 chipset
Nec 2510 - Mapower USB Case (KC51C1) (drive is only 8x DVD-R)

The Plex is connected to the ASUS MB
Nec is connected to an additional 3x USB2.0/2x Firewire controller card from Digitus (VIA chipset)

My HDD’s are on an Adaptec 1200A Raid controller running at Raid-0. (about 65MB/s in SANDRA).

How’s yours?

Using two identical burners and an average specced computer should work fine.
However, hdd’s connected to an blasting extra controller is always a good choice. :wink:
I prefer SCSI for hdd (dvd stuff is a lil bit hard to find)

Interesting: My additional USB Controller from Digitus seems to give a higher Burst rate than the controller of the Asus Mainboard.

It was 23MB/s last time I can remember, ICH4, Prolific, LG.

Burning in two DVD burners connected to the same USB controller at once may not be ideal. Share the burden with onboard south bridge IDE controller or PCI card controller that supports ATAPI optical drives adequately, or IEEE 1394a/b, or SATA, or even LAN. Also have HDDs on multiple controllers, preferrably with their own CPUs. Have more powerful CPU, also preferrably better at multi-tasking/-threading. A good Power Suppy Unit is also a must-have. All cables should work well and no serious software or driver conflict that might cause too high CPU usage or whatever. Oh, and the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to use only high-quality media at the most appropriate speed.

Here on a P 2.4B machine, I’m uploading at 2MB/s from F: HDD, writing at 5.5MB/s from G: and I: HDDs to BenQ DW1620, and writing at 11MB/s from M: HDD to LG GSA-5163D. CPU usage is about 50%. Reading from 3 HDDs and writing to 2 DVDs at once seems to be easy in this configuration.

Thanks for so much details!
Every contribution to tune a system for exactly this purposes is highly appreciated! :bow: :bow:

I want to tune my stup, so that I can use at least 2 drives at the same time without compromises neither in speed nor in writing quality.

My media is only Plextor CD/DVD (TY).
My Power Supply is a 400W BeQuiet!
The IDE cables are airfolw-cables (about 15€ each…but can’t remeber the name)

I think, my setup fulfils your recommendations! :slight_smile:

I just discovered the option of setting the buffer size in DVDDecrypter and Alcohol :clap: :doh: :clap:
(should have noticed that ealier :doh: )

I set the Buffer in DVDD to about 200MB, I think this will prevent the underruns while burning with 2 drives. Am I right?

While burning a DVD-R with DVDD and surfing the web, my machine uses about 700MB RAM, so there are 300MB still free.
Should I upgrade with another 512MB? (and setting the buffer even higher)

Hm. Your hardware seems good enough for almost anything. Distribute load as diversely as possible since you already have onboard IDE + onboard USB + VIA USB + VIA 1394 + Adaptec RAID.

My HDDs:

3 HDDs on ICH4 PATA (2 connectors, 2 channels)
5 HDDs on PCI SATA (8 connectors and 8 channels but only 5 used, HighPoint)
1 HDD on ICH4 USB 2.0 (external case, not sure of the chipset of the bridge board)
1 ODD (DW1620) on PCI PATA (6 connectors, 6 channels for up to 12 devices, only one used)
2 ODDs on ICH4 USB 2.0 (another external case)

Could “tune” a lot more but I can’t spend too much time reconfiguring and rebooting (and even changing PCI cards and HDDs is time-consuming enough.)

I don’t know how DVD Decrypter uses memory, but Nero Burning ROM doesn’t use that much memory. Maybe 2x more memory set for burning application is a good idea. When I run two Nero Burning ROM’s, the memory usage is a lot higher than usual though still far under 1GB. Why don’t you test at slow speed with rewritable media? (So that nothing will be lost even in case of buffer underruns.)

BTW, having to use too many PATA cables on one PC is always frustrating.

Great media.

I don’t know what BeQuiet is, depends on CPU/VGA/HDD/ODD… I’ve been considering to add a PSU with at least 34-36A 12v and more connectors (than my current Antec 550w) but for under $100.

Airflow cables probably mean “rounded” PATA cables? I use long PATA, SATA, and USB 2.0 cables to suit my needs (spreaded hardware on a 180mm * 90mm desk.) Depends on case environment and # of units of HDD/ODD. 15 Euros seem too much for cables. I paid only about 2 USD for 80-cm SATA cable.

yes, they are rounded.
BeQuiet is one of the nest PSU you can get in Austria.

Some opinion about my Buffer/RAM question?

It’s user-specific. If you have a lot of remaining memory, no immediate use for more. 200MB buffer memory probably is more than enough. Nero Burning ROM’s maximum setting is 80MB only.