Burning with lite-on SOHW 802S

I got the official information back from Lite-on. I was burning a lot of coasters with this burner. :confused: The problem was, some discs were worthless; others seemed to be fine,but the last 20 minutes were messtup.

If you have one of these, here is what I had to do to make this burner work:

Turn off ALL programs, including a screen saver

Turn burner to the absolute slowest speed (2.4x)

Pray the electricity doesn’t cut off.

And in less than an hour, I can burn a disk

I am so unhappy with lite-on

I need to buy another burner; this came with HP (actually, they sent it to me after wearing out the previous DVD writer).

Get over to the LiteOn forum, do some reading and get that thing “upgraded” to an 812s or 832s. Tech support won’t help you.