Burning with Linux



I just installed Linux.

Does anybody know if you can write CD’s under Linux?



click on cdr Linux

6 brand prg


yep you can burn in linux using cdrecord and a good gui if you like gui, i use gcombust cause its stable and kinda reminds me of nero with a twist of cdrwin…cdrecord rox…i guess cause its like the only burning software in linux…if you have a dvd burner it will even run that from what i read in the man pages…oh yeah you need to setup the kernel to use your burner it needs scsi generic and scsi emulation if its an ide/atapi but if its scsi then all you need is a scsi card…goto freshmeat.net and do a search for cdr or similar burning releated stuff…you will even be able to lets say recompile your kernel while you burn a cd, or surf the web, or if you have a cdrom and a burner you can rip mp3 from the cdrom while copying the disk on the fly…if your burner is fully supported by cdrecord then you will never get any bufferunderuns cause cdrecord uses like 3% of the cpu while its burning and thats it…and if i remember right gcombust uses another 2% so thats 5% total cpu usage while burning cd`s i would recomend more memory though cause where winders needs faster cpu, linux relies on more ram…good luck…