Burning with 811s

I have an 811s and when I try and burn a DVD, it will burn for like 10 seconds and get 1% done. It will then pause for like 30 seconds, and then burn for 10, pause, burn, etc etc. I have DMA enabled on this drive and it works perfect for CD’s. Any suggestions?

Forgot to mention I’m using Nero 6, not sure if its a Nero problem or a computer problem, but I don’t have any other software to try.

Is it flashing yellow when it pauses?

No, I don’t think it flashes, it stays a constant yellow I believe.

Constant or flashing yellow during burning process is indication of buffer burning problem.May be you have to check your burner and harddrive to make sure they are at DMA Mode.

If your hard drive and you 811s are on the same channel, these problems would be expected. Try moving your optical drive to a channel of it’s own if that is the case.

Also, if your hard drive is fragmented, this will slow you down too.

as kwkard says, your drive and hdd have to be on separated ide channel.

if you want better result afterwards, then if it’s possible fdisk your hdd and create another drive. use this drive only for the buffer of your writer so it always can have the maximum space and the drive will not be fragmented. That’s a perfect solution.

Yes, they are on seperate channels. I have the hard drive as the IDE Primary Master, CD-RW as Secondary Master, and DVD-RW as Secondary Slave. The read buffer in Nero goes down to zero, then the drive buffer goes to zero. I will try making a seperate partition or putting in like a 4GB drive as the Primary Master for use as buffer.

But you surely have Sonic RecordNow DX that came on the CD-ROM with your drive, so why not try this first?

as u can read on several posts, the liteone dvd rw’s don’t like to be slave on ide channel. try to put it as master.

If I would create a seperate partition for buffer space, how big should it be?

I’ved had my 811s slaved to both primary and secondary channels on the motherboard without problems. I burn from the hard drive that’s on the ATA controller so it really doens’t matter where I put the 811s.

There aren’t always hard and fast rules with these things. BelSteak is right though, I’ve seen people having problems that were resolved by switching from Secondary Slave to Master (don’t ask me why because I know that technically it shouldn’t make a difference).
Same thing with nForce drives, many people have no problems with them, yet there are some that do. Don’t you just love PC’s? :wink:

if you read the document received with your liteone driver it’s writen : put the drive as master. This is not to fill the paper with text…
Actually this will not say that the writer can not work as a slave (it was so earlier in my pc), but problems could occur if you do so…
So firts of all, put your drive as a master, then look of the problem is gone or not…

For the size of the buffer, i would say that 1 gig is enough, in fact it depends on you hdd too , if you have plenty room or not…
It depends too how you make your dvd, if you choose to make an image before burning it, then allow the max siez of a dvd to put the entirely image on your drive. Otherwize, the buffer should be big enough to store 1 vob (round 1 giga)… That should be enough to increase performance…
If you have room you can give too a hdd for your swap file of windows…
If you let windows take care of the swap file, it would be located on your system disk (most of the time on the c drive). As the swap file increase depending of the needs of the system, it becomes fragmented and also can grow a lot and thus decrease performance of your pc…
You can have 2 kind of bottleneck that decrease performance : CPU and I/O.
Cpu is easy to see cause everything is frozen on pc. I/O is less evident to see.
So to avoid it, you can also make a drive dedicated to the swapfile of windows. The swapfile would not be fragmented, and the disk not full.

Ok, I defragged and burning is fine now. But when I try and rip DVDs, it goes at like 1,500kbps/sec. Thats like 1x. I used Nero Drivespeed and it says that its set to 9x and that the max is 9x. The max should be 12x for the 811, any suggestions for this?