Burning with 504-UF (xbox)

Any of you guys had any luck burning xbox games with the external 504-UF? I use the Firewire connection. I just waste disc after disc.


Welcome to the forums Jonny_Lenny!

Your Plextor can only burn DVD+R media and some Xbox’es cannot read this format, unless you change the booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM. But, unfortunately your PX-504A does not support this so-called bitsetting technique. Do you know which DVD-ROM your Xbox has? The Samsung version cannot read DVD+R media (with DVD+R booktype). You can recognize the Samsung drive by looking at the tray of the drive: if it has holes in it, it’s a Samsung. I have a Philips myself which can read DVD-R and DVD+R media, but it cannot read DVDRW and CDR media.

G@M3FR3@K: the new Samsung drive CAN read DVD+R without bitsetting. Old ones cannot read it as you mentioned. I suppose the newer ones have a bit different firmware that allows reading of DVD+R disks aswell. Old Philips was not able to read CDR but the new ones can read those too. Thomson is the worst, DVD-R is ok and some CDRW but nothing else… Unfortunatelly the new Philips when talking about CDR/CDRW is quite an unreliable drive, as one reads them, while the other does not. But the problem is probably just that what you mentioned, his reader cannot read DVD+R and that Plextor writes them only, no bitsetting and/or DVD-R support. Or the quality of the disk is not that good. (which I doubt)

regards, Stephen

Thanks Stephen, didn’t know that there were differences between the brands themselves as well.