Burning with 451S@851S?


I did not have any probs with Princos 4x burned with 4x, with FW-GSC2!
I have burned many movies with same (Princo) medias, but i have thinking to get some faster burnings on my Drive.
I bought some DVD+R Fuji 8x media to get some faster burning.
The problem is, when i started burning on CloneDVD i got some “flashing” yellow light, about 3 times.After this i have played DVD on my standalone plyr wich was good, but, i did get freezing on the movie 3x!
I have to say that i was burning on those Princo DVD-R 4x with full power and never get some problems that my standalone could not play!
If somebody can tell me, how i can get full working copy of DVD burned with 8x without nothing to flash yellow on my Liteon???

THNX in advance!!!

Anybody som can give some help?!
Should i change the FW or what?This FW i have is a litllebit old, but it was good for burning at 4x speed witg Princos!