Burning wishlists - importing and speeding up DATA CD creation

do you click through your partitions & folders for each and every file that your friend wanted you to burn for him from your collection?

i have a large collection of mp3s, videos and ebooks. when someone wants my files, he sends me his wishlist in xls, xml, or txt format. the wishlist file is a list of about 100 to 1000 filenames with their full paths, like this:

c:\my documents\ebooks\old\access_database_design_and_programming.pdf

i’d like to somehow import that wishlish into a cd burning software, instead of manual searching each file from the wishlist - which takes hours.

this isn’t about recreating the same path structure on the cd/dvd as is in the wishlist entries - as far as I care, it’s fine if all 1000 mp3s and books are placed in the root folder of my dvd. i just want not to be forced to look into the wishlist every two seconds and pick each file, one by one.

the kind of importing i desire is available in Nero, but only when burning AUDIO CDs - it’s done simply by draging an .m3u playlist into Nero’s window. Nero automatically creates the cd compilation from .m3u playlist, in a snap.

i’d like to do similar thing for burning a DATA CD. is there a way? i’m sure there’s plenty of people out there who would die to know the trick.

One thread is enough. I’ll leave this one open but close the other two. :cop:

your help is appriciated.